Cougars on the Prowl

Cougars on the Prowl prototype coverA Shaker of Margaritas
Cougars on the Prowl
Edited By L S Fisher

When a woman becomes involved with a much younger man, she is known as a “cougar.” Older women hooking up with younger men intrigue us. What is their story? Does age really matter? Could he be out to take advantage of her? Or did she get lucky and find the love of her life?

A Shaker of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl includes captivating stories with boomer protagonists. Some of the stories are humorous while others are romantic—often with complications. All Twenty-two stories are good reads!Some snippets from Cougars on the Prowl:

Since I was invisible, he didn’t see me, and my screams just seemed to confuse him.
The Invisible Cougar – Kathy Page

And what about the pictures? I was sure I’d seen cell phone cameras going off. By now, they were probably plastered all over Facebook.
Cougar in Cabo – Kathy Holmes

“After all, I used your profile on the Hot Men of Missouri dating site.”  Cyber Cupid – Linda Fisher

“Maybe I need to be more . . . wicked.”
Don’t Make Me Call the Flying Monkeys – L. E. Towne

Of course, she’d heard stories about him, and that’s why she finally came to shop in his store.
Special on Melons -Jennifer DiCamillo

Jeannette fumbled in her purse for a pen, wondering if she might come across her missing brain in there, too. What am I thinking?
Ashes Remain – Susan Elizabeth Thomas

The authors:

Lisa Ricard Claro, Kathryn Coit, E. B. Davis, Jennifer DiCamillo, Linda Fisher, Harriett Ford, Karin Frank, Marcia Gaye, Janel Gradowski, Cathy C. Hall, Tracy Hauff, Kathy Holmes, Kim Lehnhoff, Mary Ellen Martin, C.A.Neilson, Kathy Page, Debbie Parker, Sylvia A. Straub, Susan Elizabeth Thomas, Sonia Todd, L. E. Towne, Donna Duly Volkenann

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Page Count: 202
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Trim Size:6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
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