Hot Flash Mommas

Hot Flash MommasA Shaker of Margaritas
Hot Flash Mommas
Edited By L S Fisher

A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas Twenty-five captivating stories are included in Hot Flash Mommas. Authors from across the U.S. submitted their fiction stories about women living the adventure of midlife.

Midlife is a turning point for women and whether the pivotal moment involves crisis, romance, intrigue, or sameness, strong women overcome the randomness of fate and move forward with vigor toward a new reality. Browsing the titles is the first indication these stories are crafted to share with girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters, and the occasional male who just wants to know what’s going on inside that mysterious female brain.

Award-worthy stories fill the pages of Hot Flash Mommas, the first Shaker of Margarita book. A sampling of story topics: hot flashes in the freezer aisle, breast cancer, a rock concert, an Elvis impersonator, a stolen velvet Elvis painting, exploding snowflakes, witnesses to murder, a gambling addiction, possible spies, a prodigal daughter, a fishing trip, a date with a nudist, a tryst with a tow-truck driver, a man in the ladies’ room, ladies’ night out, animal rescue, a therapeutic menagerie, a first date after divorce, latex allergy, a monk in the driveway, a unique way to scare off an intruder, and an accused murderer who reinvents herself.

The authors:

Susan Elizabeth Thomas, Jennifer DiCamillo, Janet Sunderland, Harriet L. Ford, E. B. Davis, Fred Farris, Susan W. Peters, Kim Lehnhoff, Sonia Todd, Kathy Holmes, Dawn Dupler, Kathryn Coit, Deborah Shouse, Sylvia A. Straub, Janice Havlik Votsmier, John Farr, Donna Duly Volkenannt, Kaela Montano, Cathy C. Hall, Debbie Parker, Lina Zeldovich, Lee Ann Russell, Cate Richard, Rosemary Shomaker, Linda Fisher

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