Apparitions: Twisted Tales and Yarns

APPARITIONS Twisted Tales and Yarns

Twisted Tales and Yarns

By Jimmy L. Capps and Linda Capps Fisher

Apparitions is a collection of twenty-six tangled tales and yarns. Several of the stories have won prizes in writing contests and have been published in various anthologies.

Storytelling comes naturally to my brother Jimmy and me. We grew up in the Ozark hills and that background influences the setting for many of the stories in the book. My brother’s Navy career lends authenticity to Fire on the Deck and Losing Willie.

Dreams, nightmares, life experiences, and family yarns of strange, unexplainable foreshadowing are the inspiration for some stories. Others are woven from the cloth of imagination.

Sit down, prop up your feet, turn on all the lights in your house, and enjoy.

Apparitions: Twisted Tales & Yarns  is Available from as E-book and Paperback.

~ Linda Capps Fisher