Happy New Year Emily Rose

Happy New Year
Emily Rose
By Elizabeth Butler

After the holidays, Emily Rose Roberts is the first to arrive at the university to catch up on the stack of mail she knows will be waiting. She unlocks the door to discover the murdered body of Professor Stuart McBain in front of the mailboxes.

Victor Morales is the head detective in the local police department. He’s already got more cold cases than he wants, and McBain’s murder has the possibility of becoming another. No matter what anyone says, Vic can’t imagine that their only suspect, petite Emily Rose could be the killer.

Emily Rose could have been attracted to Vic if she hadn’t sworn off men. Besides, she carefully guards a secret she doesn’t want the detective to uncover. When a second murder has ties to Emily Rose, Vic has to decide whether he is falling in love with a murderer or a potential victim. He does know he must find the killer before anyone else dies.

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