A Bad Hair Day Contributors

A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day

Stories Selected for Publication

Bunny Hops, Edgar Bailey
Mr. Perfect, Beth Carter
The Fandango Tango, C. J. Clark
The Maggot Wrangler, Steven Clark
Hair to the Max, Lisa Ricard Claro
Four Little Words, Mary Ann Corrigan
No Hair Day, E. B. Davis
Hairspray, Linda Fisher
Happy Day Plan, Harriett Ford
Second Life, Karin Frank
Fluffo Versus Charlotte, Cathy C. Hall
Twenty-Four Hour Bugs, Theresa Hupp
Snips of Scandal, Jodie Jackson & Caroline Dohack
Sunday Afternoon, Mary Laufer
I Think I’ll Pass, Suzanne Lilly
Curse of the Cat’s Paw, Mary Ellen Martin
Leftovers, Carolyn Mulford
Bomb Squad, Carolyn Betsy Murphy
Making Tracks, Linda O’Connell
Kumfumbled, Kathy Page
Water, Like the Camera, Adds Ten Pounds, Sioux Roslawski
Thanksgiving with a Turkey, Harriette Sackler
Alice on Peabody Street, Rosemary Shomaker
Crumble, Michelle Tom

A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day is scheduled to be published in time for your holiday gift giving. Thank you for your creative and intriguing submissions!

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