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I’m pleased to announce Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog has won several awards. Please visit the blog and scroll down the right side of the screen to see the awards.

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Current Projects


Indelible, a memoir about dementia. The time had finally come to tell Jim’s story. His story was not merely about dementia and its relentless snatching of his personality; it was about love that endured throughout life and continued beyond death. It was the process of denial, acceptance, and love that transcended the boundaries of normality.

Our story was written with love for the man who became a part of me defying the laws of genetics, my husband Jim. In the end, instead of erasing Jim, dementia ensured he would never be forgotten.

Annual Blog Book

I’m currently editing and formatting the annual book of the previous year’s blog posts. As part of my corporate sponsorship of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, I provide a free book to registered walkers at the Sedalia walk while quantities last.

Recent Projects 

The most recent Mozark Publication is Apparitions: Twisted Tales and Yarns by Jimmy Capps and Linda Capps Fisher. This 238 page book has twenty-six tangled tales and yarns by the brother/sister team. Click here to order the paperback or Kindle version of Apparitions.

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About Mozark Press

Mozark Press is a small publishing company in central Missouri dedicated to producing quality paperback books. We will publish short story collections, inspirational works, anthologies, general fiction and non-fiction.

We plan to publish 1-5 new books per year. Our first book was launched February 2010.

Mozark Press will publish only books that meet our standards. We expect manuscripts to be polished and error-free when submitted.


Please note that we are currently not accepting manuscripts until further notice.

Contact us if you want to see your work in print, but haven’t been successful with a major publishing company. Maybe you have considered self-publishing, but do not have the time or know-how to do it yourself. We’ve been there, done that and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

We are interested in new or established authors. Mozark Press will partner with our authors. We will provide a complimentary author webpage for one year. We won’t ask you to sign a long-term contract and you will retain the copyright to your work.

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you have a completed manuscript you would like us to consider, send a query letter to Our Publisher.

Potential Future Shaker of Margarita Anthologies:

  • Midlife Crisis
  • Road Trip
  • Mallard Cove Mysteries
  • All Hallow’s Eve Mysteries
Be sure to check back for a Call for Submissions on these future Anthology Titles.